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A new way to taste, merging aestheticism and performance.

Offer your most exquisite bottles a unique presentation case.

You protect your finest bottles from the light, store them horizontally, and ensure that the temperature remains constant.

All of this care and attention merits that the nectar be served in chilled flutes in order to avoid thermal shock.

If the storage phase is long, the tasting ritual remains the indispensable step in revealing the essence of your Champagne.

"The great wines and Champagnes are born of the terroirs and

the men who remain attentive to the living natural world, pure matter gives life and real pleasure.

Issued also of noble and precious matter, Reverencieuse allies the excellence of the naturalness and the art of good taste in the respect of the fundamental values. "

Philippe Jamesse, wine specialist, Ex-Chef sommelier at the Crayères Restaurant, Reims, France. 2 Michelin star. Creator of a line of wine glasses for Lehmann Glass.


Champagne remains at the ideal temperature for more than two hours. As the ice is not in direct contact with the bottle, the inconveniences of classic champagne coolers disappear.

Because the flutes are chilled inside the presentation case, there is no longer any thermal shock during tasting, as opposed to using room temperature glasses.

And not a single drop of water can reach the furniture upon which the Champagne case rests.

Every case is created by Paris-based artisans: unique pieces, dated and numbered, delivered with certificates guaranteeing their Parisian origin. To us, the timelessness of these works is essential and, in order to provide a sense of heritage, only the noblest materials are used in their making.

Turner, metal spinner, bronzesmith, chiseller, hammersmith, polisher, engraver, leather craftsman, cabinetmaker…the creation is passed from hand to hand, workshop to workshop.

Upon request, a gold lace maker can decorate the spheres, or an artisan jeweller can set the cases with precious gems.

Many customisation options are proposed to our highly exclusive clientele, including the choice of metal, leather, reservoir placement, the engraving on the sphere, etc.

Reverencieuse de haut magnum 12 flutes N
thumbnail_gold ouvert loin.jpg

On the right, Middle bronze vernished model
Weight - 17.5Kg
Diameter - 37.5cm
Engraving on upper sphere

Left, Saturn project, gyroscopic version, black and mirror-polished brass.


Createur d'écrins d'exception. Artisanat d'Art. Orfèvrerie. Silversmith. Champagne cooler. Bespoke. Luxury. Rare.

On the boundary between fine art, practical tool, and decorative object, our creations adorn the most elegant and refined settings.

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