How is it possible that in the 21'st Century we were still asking man
to adapt to his tool, while it is up to the tool to adapt to man?


It is from this reflection and by seeking to improve the traditional service tray, that the idea of a sphere, in order to protect the glasses and their contents appeared as an obvious solution to Sébastien Woirin, creator of Reverencieuse brand.

Thus, was born the idea of a service intended to highlight wines and spirits as well as the most noble products.
Champagne, flagship of French production, will be the first
to enjoy. The settings, unique pieces, will be made in Paris, by hand, in order to highlight the know-how of the craftsmen.

The final touch would be to choose a name in harmony with the philosophy of our creations and of the world in which we wish to make this object resolutely considered as an object of art: Reverencieuse was named. It recalls the gesture at the opening of a setting and the respect to use with the flasks.